Nick received a First from the Bath School of Art and Design, where his award winning portfolio hurled him straight into work as a CG artist. 

Shortly afterwards, he left CGI behind to pursue a career directing and since then he’s been busy drowning people, suspending them from cliffs, blowing them up and catapulting them towards walls and basketball hoops... although thankfully none of the actors were harmed. 

Nick’s keen eye for design has also led him to art direct his own productions, from spaceships to forest meadows, sky scrapers to terrace houses. He’s worked with horses, birds, dogs, wolves and children, in some cases a combination of the above.

He also recently created bespoke shiny armour and props for the heros of Hollywood blockbusters like Thor and Mad Max. 

Nick has directed productions right across the UK, Europe and the US. His experience with all things filmmaking is rivalled only by his love for sports and storytelling, which permeates through his commercial and music video work.